3G Astro Turf

Photo of the Astro Turf area at Ebbsfleet Academy.

We are very pleased to announce that our newly upgraded 3G Astro pitch is now available for use.

Students will be permitted to use the Astro at lunchtime from Wednesday 7th September for students who wear Astro Turf shoes or Football moulds.

For the use of this space to be successful, students must follow the rules and expectations outlined below.

Students must:

  • Not enter the Astro without a member of staff present
  • Wear suitable footwear – flat soled trainers, blades or metal studs are not permitted.
  • Ensure no food or drink is taken onto the Astro
  • Ensure no mud is carried onto the Astro
  • Leave their bags near the entrance of the Astro at all times
  • Not move the goals
  • Remember that should the ball go over the fence and need retrieving, the student who retrieves it must change their trainers to retrieve the ball and change back into their clean trainers on re-entering the Astro
  • Follow the instructions of the duty staff at all times
  • Play in the designated area for each year group
  • Not enter the Astro unless they are participating in the sports.

It is vital for the upkeep of the Astro that the above rules and expectations are followed. Failure to do so could result in individuals being banned from using the Astro for a period of time.

If you have any questions regarding use of the Astro or the footwear required please do not hesitate to contact us via email on pe@ebbsfleetacademy.org.uk.