Student leaders and Principal Megan, Giulia, Ms Shergill, Jazmine, Rebekah all sat round a table

Left to right: Megan, Giulia, Ms Shergill, Jazmine, Rebekah – Ebbsfleet Academy’s Principal and Student Leaders

Ebbsfleet Academy is delighted to introduce you to our Head Students, who together along with a wider prefect team, demonstrate the school’s commitment to promoting student leadership.

Messages from the Student Leadership Team

The transition into Year 7 can seem quite scary and worrying, I know mine was. However, during the first few weeks here at Ebbsfleet Academy, that worry and fear will quickly change into excitement as you begin to make new friends, meet your teachers and join new co-curricular clubs. The moment you step through the doors of Ebbsfleet you become a part of our school community. Here we have a wide range of teachers to support and help you along the way. This is the next chapter of your lives and it will present you with the most amazing opportunities.

Megan Innes, Head Student Seacole

I joined Ebbsfleet in Year 12 and my experience has been great. The teachers are really nice and will help you with whatever you are struggling with. I have made some really good friends at the school. The thing I like the most about the school is that the teachers are willing to help in whatever way they can. The transition to Year 12 can be a bit nerve-wracking but it gets easier with time and you will find that you will fit in very well. I study business, psychology and sport and all the teachers are very helpful. If you have any problems there is a support team that you are able to speak to at any time of the day.

Guilia Mitroi, Deputy Head Student Seacole

My name is Rebekah Jones, I am the Head Student of Attenborough college studying history, law and psychology. I have been a student at Ebbsfleet Academy since Year 7. Because of this, I have seen the school grow and thrive under new teachers, leadership and the trust. I can confidently say that everything the school does is for the benefit of the students, for example every student upon enrolment will receive a chromebook in aid of their studies. This is a tool which has been incredibly useful not only for myself, but hundreds of my fellow students. The Ebbsfleet Academy is constantly looking to its students for new suggestions and ways to include and make everyone feel welcome and seen – we are constantly hosting events such as soccer aid, sports day and colour runs for various charities, a way which connects everyone in the school no matter the year group or college the student is in.

Rebekah Jones, Head Student Attenborough

When I started at Ebbsfleet I was scared of the new beginning. But now 6 years on, the Ebbsfleet Academy is my second home. Teachers have always told me that Ebbsfleet was a family, I didn’t realise how true this was. As I’ve been at Ebbsfleet since Year 7, I’ve seen the school develop new fantastic ways to teach and for its pupils to feel comfortable. Whenever there is a problem, there is always someone to help. I’ve grown in confidence due to the support given by teachers, pastoral team and other students, and I’ll be eternally grateful for what Ebbsfleet has given me.

Jazmine Constant, Deputy Head Student Attenborough