Ebbsfleet Academy is delighted to introduce you to the Head Boy and Head Girl, who together along with a wider prefect team, demonstrates the school’s commitment to promoting student leadership.

Message from the Student Leadership Team

The transition into Year 7 and Year 12 can seem tough, scary and daunting. But with your first weeks here at Ebbsfleet Academy, you will realise that any fears quickly turn into excitement as you make new friends, join new clubs and become part of the school community. You will be joining lots of students who are in the same situation as you and you will have an extensive network of teachers to support and guide you every step of the way. This new chapter will present many exciting opportunities as you’re introduced to a selection of subjects taught by passionate teachers, and clubs which help boost academic studies as well as enabling you to discover enthusiasm and interests outside of a classroom. These passions will help you discover more about yourself and motivate you to achieve your full potential. 

Ultimately, we consider the days of Year 7 and Year 12 and the rest of sixth form to be the fundamental basis of becoming the people we are today and coming to Ebbsfleet Academy to start a new chapter is something you should be truly excited about. 

Angel, Ana and Nicole – Head students (Y13)