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Welcome to
Ebbsfleet Academy

preparing them for learning and life beyond

Welcome to Ebbsfleet Academy, where we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure all our students receive an outstanding education and achieve exceptional things. We are an extremely ambitious school community and believe there are no excuses for not achieving your absolute potential. We know that you want the very best for your child, a school where they will achieve academic excellence, grow in confidence and develop a skill set that will allow them to excel in the challenging and complex world.

Ebbsfleet Academy is a dynamic and successful 11-18 Academy serving the local community. We have students of all abilities and from a wide variety of backgrounds, all of whom contribute to the richness of our school population.

At Ebbsfleet Academy our aim is to get the best out of every student; excellence in teaching and learning is therefore at the heart of our work. Our vision is based on three core values: ‘Be Ready, Work Hard, Be Nice’. In working towards instilling these values in our students, we strive to provide a safe, healthy and stimulating environment for all.

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Our Mission

Our ambition is to ensure that all of our students achieve their potential, develop as courteous, confident and capable young people and leave with an education that has fully equipped them to go on to university or the career of their choice.

Ebbsfleet Academy is proud to be a community school. As such we can cater specifically for the learning styles and social needs of our learners. Our curriculum allows students to develop socially, behaviourally and academically at their own pace and in their own unique ways. This reflects positively in our results.

Working with Leigh Academies Trust, a large multi-academy trust, this is an academy that is committed to ensuring that children achieve well and are given every opportunity to develop a diverse range of skills and abilities that will serve them well in adult life.

As a proud member of Leigh Academies Trust, our leaders also benefit from wider collaboration across a community of highly successful leaders, with continued investment in staff a core value of the trust and our academy. 

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