At Ebbsfleet Academy students are expected to wear their uniform correctly and smartly. The uniform rules are enforced consistently and constantly.

Below is information on what uniform and equipment all students are expected to have and where to purchase it.

Uniform and Equipment List

Uniform can be ordered online from our supplier Brigade UK.

Brigade Uniform Parent Online Ordering Brigade Parents Direct Delivery Flyer

Some second hand uniforms items may be available for sale. For further information, please contact the academy directly.

What is acceptable school uniform?

This must be worn at all times when travelling to and from the academy and when moving around the building.

  • Navy blue, emblazoned with the academy’s logo.
  • The blazer can be removed in lessons and in the playground at break and lunchtime.
  • Alternative jumpers/hoodies must NOT be worn.
  • Navy blue V-neck jumper (only worn in addition to the blazer, not instead of)
  • Skirts – navy blue, knee-length, straight A-line or pleated skirt of a suitable length for school, that is, no more than 5cm above the knee. Bodycon or tight fitting skirts are not permitted.
  • Trousers/Shorts – navy blue trousers or navy blue tailored shorts.
  • Boys and Girls – Plain white, long or short sleeved shirt. This must be buttoned to the neck and tucked in at all times.
  • Must be worn at all times with a button to the neck collared shirt. 
  • Attenborough ties are navy with sky blue stripes.
  • Seacole ties are navy with white stripes.
  • The only acceptable footwear is plain, black, sturdy leather or leather-look shoes with wide flat heels.
  • Platforms, sling-backs, open toe shoes, ankle-boots, mules, trainers and fabric shoes are not permitted.
  • Coloured stitching, labels and laces are not permitted.
  • Boys – Black, navy blue or dark grey socks;
  • Girls – Plain black, white, or neutral ankle socks. Plain black or navy opaque tights (socks that are not the same colour as the tights cannot be worn over the top). Long socks are not permitted.
  • During the winter months, students may wear a plain white (no other colours) vest top/t-shirt under their shirt/blouse.
  • Black, navy blue or dark grey overcoat; only small discreet logos are acceptable.
  • Not to be worn inside the building.
  • Black, navy blue or dark grey. Not to be worn inside the building. No caps.
  • Academy branded rucksacks have been issued to all students and are compulsory for all year groups. Replacement rucksacks can be purchased via SWI or Parent Pay.
  • Black or navy blue. Large buckles displaying logos are not permitted.
  • Boys – A watch with a plain strap.
  • Girls – A watch with a plain strap; one pair of small studs, worn in the lower lobe of the ear.
  • No other jewellery is allowed; no visible body piercing, including tongue studs, are allowed.
  • Hair must be worn in a simple style and must not be unnaturally coloured.
  • Haircuts must be no shorter than a number two; Mohicans, tram lines and indents are not allowed. As a general rule, straight line braiding is allowed.
  • Patterned braiding is not allowed. Beading should be in Ebbsfleet colours white/blue/black/clear or a natural hair colour. Beads should be small and no more than 3 beads per braid.
  • Extensions are allowed in natural hair colours only and hair must be able to be tied up for practical subjects such as PE and science/technologies.
  • Make-up including fake eyelashes, fake tan, nail varnish or nail extensions of any kind may not be worn.
  • Aerosol sprays and perfumes may not be brought to the academy.
  • Electronic devices will be confiscated if they are seen on the academy site. Students are strongly advised not to bring these to the academy. This includes:
    • Mobile phones
    • Smart watches
  • Any non-regulation clothing or accessories will be confiscated if they are worn on the academy site or in the local community.
  • Confiscated items will only be returned at the end of the Half Term or after four weeks, whichever is sooner. There are no exceptions.

Academy PE shorts, PE t-shirt and PE fleece emblazoned with the logo. These are available from our uniform suppliers. In cold weather students may wear plain blue navy tracksuit bottoms. Socks must be plain white ankle socks. Academy football socks are also available from the suppliers. Footwear should be sturdy sports trainers for indoor use and a pair of Astro or Football Moulds to wear outside. Students in Years 7-9 must also bring a gum shield for rugby lessons. PE kit bags should be a plain black or plain navy blue drawstring bag with no large logos.

Equipment List

All students need to have the following: