Why this course?

Core Maths is designed to use logic and reasoning to enhance critical thinking skills. We look at mathematics in real life contexts and explore the wider implications of those skills. The course develops the ability to rationalise a point of view by critiquing data and also enhance the understanding of the world around them by looking at financial skills as well as current issues and being able to critique news articles according to the data that influences them to make sure our students leave us with the ability to form fully supported arguments.

Course Content

  • Paper 1
    Statistics, sampling, analysing and representing data, maths for personal finance, Fermi estimation.
  • Paper 2B
    Critical analysis of data, critical pathways, activity networks, Gantt charts, probability trees, Venn diagrams, cost benefit analysis, insurance

How will I be assessed?

Paper 1
1hr 30min (50%)

Paper 2
1hr 30min (50%)

Student Profile

Successful students will enjoy Mathematics, have a good track-record in it and enjoy using maths in real life problems. Students will need to be good at logical thinking but also have an awareness of the world around them and current affairs.

Complimentary Subjects

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Sport science
  • Geography
  • Biology

What could I do next?

A few of the degree courses that could be completed are:

Finance, Business, Psychology, Sport science, Geography, Biology, Teaching.

to name a few!

Some maths-related degrees at universities have been known to give reduced offers if Core Maths is studies alongside 3 main other A Levels.

Future career opportunities are:

Accounting; finance; investment banking; architect; computer programming; statistician; teacher;

and many more!