Why this course?

The EPQ gives you the opportunity to take full control of your learning and explore something that you care about. In doing so, you will learn a huge number of skills including research, planning, time-management, analysis, evaluation and reflection. The EPQ is excellent preparation for learning at university and beyond.

Course Content

The content you learn about is entirely up to you, however you will be expected to produce either

A 5000-word essay on the topic of your choice


An artefact – for example a short story, a sculpture, a product, a film – and an accompanying 1000-word report.

You will also be expected to keep a production log detailing your progress with your project 

How will I be assessed?

The projects are internally assessed with a sample sent off for external moderation.

Student Profile

Success in the EPQ requires you to be organised, self-motivated and independent and to have good research, planning, analytical and evaluative skills.

Complimentary Subjects

  • All subjects

What could I do next?

The skills learned on the EPQ are advantageous for all degree courses.

The skills learned on the EPQ are advantageous for all careers.