Why this course?

Psychology is primarily a science subject that also demands many of the skills essential in humanities. It can therefore be regarded as a bridge between the two disciplines.  If you are interested in exploring human behaviour through a range of explanations  or perhaps gaining a greater level of insight with regards to yourself and those around you then Psychology may well be for you.

Course Content

  • Year 1
    Memory, Attachment, Psychopathology and Social influence along with The Psychological approaches and Research Methods 1
  • Year 2
    Biopsychology, Issues and debates, Schizophrenia, Aggression and Relationships as well as Research Methods 2

How will I be assessed?

Paper 1
Introductory Topics in Psychology – 2hr (33.33%)

Paper 2
Psychology in Context (research Methods and the psychological approaches) – 2hr (33.33%)

Paper 3
Issues and Options in Psychology – 2hr (33.33%)

Student Profile

Successful psychology students are genuinely curious about the world around them and the people within it. Critical thinking and the ability to analyse the work of others whilst being able to precis in your own words are key skills as is an attention to detail as you will be studying and comparing a lot of theories and research.

Complimentary Subjects

  • Sociology
  • Biology
  • Statistics
  • English
  • Business

What could I do next?

Psychology can be studied as a course within its own right. It is recommended that students seek a British Psychological Society accredited course in which they will gain an MSC if they are aiming to progress further in the field of Psychology specifically. Alternatively there are  a wide range of courses where Psychology is combined with other disciplines.     

The future career opportunities are

Clinical Psychologist; Educational Psychologist; Teacher; counsellor; social worker; police officer; judiciary; statistics & analytics; human resources;

to name a few!