Why this course?

This is a demanding and enjoyable course, where you will develop your particular interest to produce a portfolio of work. You can focus on a specialism of your choice. You will  develop your skills in observing and recording; undertaking research; and gathering, selecting and organising visual information. You will study the work of others to enhance your skills and develop ideas. As you build your portfolio, you’ll encounter a range of textile techniques.

Course Content

The focus with these specifications is on encouraging students to develop skills, creativity, imagination and independence based on personal experience, taught skills and critical understanding. Students then show this through their responses to a range of stimuli. They provide an opportunity for your students to take a personal interest in why art and design matter and to be inspired and changed by studying a coherent, worthwhile course of study. They can also gain experience of the working practices of individuals, organisations and creative and cultural industries. These specifications provide freedom for your students to experiment and take risks with their work while developing their own style.

How will I be assessed?

The A Level has two components, one personal investigation (including a portfolio element) and one externally set task, with straightforward and easy to understand mark schemes. Both components are internally assessed and externally moderated.

Student Profile

Ideal for students who want to go on to higher education or a career choice.

Complimentary Subjects

  • English Literature
  • Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • History
  • Maths
  • MFL
  • Geography

What could I do next?

A few of the degree courses that could be completed are:

Textiles Design; Architecture; Fashion Design; Fashion Journalism; Creative Technology; BSc Fashion Jewellery BA; Fine Art BFA/BA; Graphic Design BA; History, Communication and Curation BA; Product and Industrial Design BA; BA Interior Design;

to name a few!

The future career opportunities are

Museum Curator; Art Dealer;  Animator; Architect; Art 7 Design Director; Textiles/ Fashion Historian; Art & Design Teacher; Creative Director; Fashion Designer; Furniture Designer; Gallery Curator; Graphic Designer; Illustrator; Industrial Designer; Interior Designer; Jewelry Designer; Landscape Architect; Multimedia Artist; Textile Designer; Theatre Set Designer; Visual Merchandiser.

to name a few!