Head Students

“I joined Ebbsfleet Academy in year 9. My progression through the academy  has been truly great, from KS3 to KS5. The school has helped me further my educational journey and my personal journey- from extra tuition such as tutor2u and workshops helping every student open their future job aspects.  The academy has an extraordinary support system where there is always somebody available to talk with you from Place2Be to our amazing pastoral team and SLT members. The school is able to give every student a chromebook; this means that material deprivation is not an issue in our school allowing all students to shine brighter. I can whole-heartedly say that the school offers the very best education for all students.”

Head Student

“I’m Kacey – a student of The Ebbsfleet Academy. I’m part of the student leadership team as a deputy head girl of Attenborough College. I’ve been a student in this academy since year 7 and have witnessed the positive changes of student’s learning and behaviour, one being the change of resources such as the addition of Chromebooks. Chromebooks have changed the learning of students, giving them more freedom in their independent studies and everyone has access to home learning. The Academy is always looking for a way to include everyone and make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. We have lots of ways to connect students through events such as colour runs and sports day as well as lots of ways to support students’ mental health through Place2Be and a new addition to inclusivity – culture day.”

Deputy Head Student

“I have been part of the Ebbsfleet Academy family since year 7. The journey I have been on is unmatched with every single moment to be remembered. However, the beginning of this journey was a start many other people can relate to: a start of confusion and being overwhelmed by a new environment. But, through supportive members of staff and creating lasting friendships, this building has become a place where I can call my second home. With a year left at this academy, I look forward to it to see what is to come.”

Deputy Head Student

Three head students smiling for a photo in front of a blue wall