Why this course?

The ability to communicate in a foreign language is a very valuable asset in an ever increasingly globalised world. This course allows students to explore the complex and intriguing world of linguistics and gain a greater understanding of the world from an international perspective. It will help you to develop opinions on many current topics of global interest as well as developing Spanish to an advanced level.

Course Content

  • Social Issues and Trends
    Aspects of Hispanic society: Modern and traditional values /Cyberspace / Equal rights. 
    Multiculturalism in Hispanic society (A Level): Immigration/ Racism/ Integration
  • Grammar
    Nouns; determiners; adverbs; quantifiers; verbs; tenses, word order, negation
  • Political and artistic culture
    Artistic culture in the Hispanic world: Modern day idols/ Spanish regional identity/ Cultural heritage
    Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world (A2): Today’s youth, tomorrow’s citizens/ Monarchies and dictatorships/ Popular movements
  • Works
    Texts & films (list set by AQA)

How will I be assessed?

Paper 1 – Listening, reading and writing
Written exam, listening, reading, writing and translations skills concerning the topics covered. – 2hr 30min (50%)

Paper 2 – Writing
Two essays based on two literary texts and/ or films. – 2hr (20%)

Paper 3 – Speaking
The oral examination consists of a presentation and discussion on an independent research project – 21-23 minutes including 5 mins preparation time (30%)

Student Profile

Successful students have a passion for linguistics and enjoy using language to express their opinions and justify their comments on a broad range of topics.

Complimentary Subjects

  • English
  • History
  • Maths
  • Business Studies
  • Arts

What could I do next?

Languages are highly versatile and complement most subjects. They provide a plethora of opportunities and play a pivotal role in the world of business. 

Degree courses: Languages with International Business or Marketing, Business Administration, International Law, and Relations, Politics,  Modern Languages, European studies

Future career opportunities are

  • Business/ Management/ Finance/ Banking/ Export marketing/ Merchant banking/ Consultant/ PR officer/ Recruitment
  • Education / Linguistics/ Interpreting
  • Journalism/ Tourism/ Hospitality sector
  • Film/ Media
  • Law/ Civil Service
  • Aeronautics/ Medicine

and many more!